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A piece of Hamburg VII history

During the wither we wrote to the original owners of Hamburg VII and received pictures and a book about the history of Hamburgischer Verein Seefahrt.

Summer 2013, from England to Finland

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Sailing Hamburg VII to Finland
The beginning of the adventure. Purchasing a large wooden boat is a decision that will change one's every day life. We have thought and planned getting our own wooden boat the last 15 years. This is...

Finland Docked at Andö Helsinki and a few boats We sailed all the way from Hanko to Helsinki. The wind was supposed to be strong on Saturday but right after leaving Hanko it died for two hou...

Old boats are more comfortable

People at the WB Sails have noticed the same as we, old boats are more comfortable to sail. "Because of the latest handicap rules (mostly IMS-rule) boats have become faster but the sailing comfort has suffered. "

Hamburg VII is an excellent example of an older, deeper hulled, longer keel blue ocean boat. Because of her high sides and wider hull than what a traditional Baltic boats have, she is also dryer and is sailed more upright. She gives a pleasant and still a speedy sailing experience.

Hamburg VII 2014