Sailing Hamburg VII to Finland

The beginning of the adventure. Purchasing a large wooden boat is a decision that will change one's every day life. We have thought and planned getting our own wooden boat the last 15 years. This is the story of sailing her, Hamburg VII, from the Canary Islands to Finland.

It is June 18th. Dieter and Ylva from the previous owner family have sailed Hamburg VII from the Canary Islands to the Azors and are now on the way to England and Ramsgate. Below are a few picture Ylva took during the first stage and the Azors. We have agreed to wait for Dieter and Ylva in England and the sail together to Kiel where the boat will move to our hands.

Marina flew to England in the beginning of the week. The kids and I are still at home with half packed bags. Tomorrow is my last day before the vacation. I will take a Taxi directly from the office to the airport and fly to London. The kids will stay in Finland, have time to go to a summer camp and visit some family members before we meet again in Denmark.

Hamburg VII 2013