Hamburg VII

... or Hamu between friends.

Hamburgische Verein Seefahrt sailing club ordered Hamburg VII in the 1960's from Bill Tripp. Her sister ship, Wappen von Bremen, sails today in the Caribbean with the name Apollonia.

HAMBURG VII was designed for long sea voyages and as an open ocean racing yacht. She sailed among other places to New York in 1968, took part in the Cape Town to Rio race in 1971 and sailed to Iceland in 1973 through a Northern Atlantic gale. She visited Finland 1974. We would be very interested in Pictures from that visit and naturaly from other trips as well.

Hanseatic Yacht School bought Hamburg VII 1974 and named her first "Atlantic" and later "Clare".

Summer 1998 Jungjohanns bought the yacht and gave her the original name. The next 15 years they refit and improved her to her current excellent condition.

Length over all: 17.31 m | 56' 8''
Length of hull: 16.60 m | 54' 6'
Length Water Line: 11.47 m | 37' 8''
Beam: 4.08 m | 13' 3''
Draft: 2.6 m | 8' 5''
weight: about 20 000 kg
Main: 46,36 m2
Fokka: 54,53 m2
Genua I: 89,89 m2
Mizzen: 9,15 m2
Spinaker: 180 m2

A little about her history in German: :

Texts about Bill Tripp, the designer:

One must be very stubborn to claim that Hamburg VII is a fine name for a yacht. No it isn't. However, the original name of a yacht is holy. To break this tradition, the new name should be clearly better. The typical Finnish traditional names like "Aallotar", "Meripääsky", "Myrskylintu" or some other vanillin tasting word is not enough.

The famous Joshua Slocum did not change the name of his boat even though he rebuilt it completely.
"Now, it is a law in Lloyd's that the Jane repaired all out of the old until she is entirely new is still the Jane."

Hamburg VII was built by the De Dood boatyard in 1967 and has been kept in an excellent condition ever since.

In 2000-2003 (Bootswerft Stapelfeldt Kappeln)

In 2003

In 2007

In 2008 (Ebbes Badebyggeri Marstal Dänemark)


The hull of Hamburg VII is in excellent condition. We haven't found soft wood anywhere else except in one of the spreaders. The only larger maintenance required was adding the black water tank and new spreaders.

The equipment includes, for instance

Hamburg VII 2014